Term 1 Test ResultsGrammar: 28 / 63 (44%)Reading: 14 / 18 (78%)Writing 2.5 / 5 The reading result was very good Guillem, but you will need to improve your grammar & writing next term Dear Guillem
Welcome to the Senior 5 course!
My name is Paul and I’m going to be your teacher I’ve worked at this school for 5 years and I live in Sant Cugat with my wife and two children. I’m 37 years old and my hobbies include running, playing football and going camping with my family.
I love living in Spain and really enjoy travelling to places in Cataluña and France.

I hope you enjoy the course and learn a lot.

Please reply and tell me a few things about yourself.

Thanks Dear Paul, My name is Guillem and I'm going to be your student. I studied at this school for 4 years and I live in Barcelona with my parents, a sister and a dog.I'm 14 years old and my hobbies include football,basketball and skiing. I really like live in Brcelona and i enjoy travelling to places around the world.Now I play tennis in University of Barcelona, it's my firts year playing tennis.I go to salesian's school. I do 3rd of ESO.


I'm going to write about the good and bad things the internet has.

Good things
In my opinion the best thing has the internet is the comunication because it can reported you about what happens at the other side of the world.
The internet allow you to comunicate with people around the world at the moment. With webbpages like Facebook or twitter you can chatt with your friends.
And if you want you can play games, listen to music and watch videos.

Bad things
But the internet has too bad things because too many people use it to send viruses to the other people. You can recieved viruses when you download a video and this have viruses that can delete information of your computer or broke it.
If you want you can put an antivirus because it protect your computer from viruses.
In the internet there's a lot of wrong information in the websites.

I think that internet have too much good things than bad things and you can be perjudicied but if you be carefully you will not have problems.