Internet. What do you think when you listen this word? Is it good or not? Maybe both, but if there’s a thing that is obvious is that now, internet, is an important part of our life, and we wouldn't know what to do if we just don’t have it. Now I’m going to talk about the main pros and cons of it, and see if we can get a clearly idea of internet.
Internet has made our life improve in many ways, things have become easier with it, and why? Communication. With internet you can just open your computer or your mobile phone, and just talk with a person who is many kilometres away from you. It’s just going to facebook and you see the photos of a person who you haven’t known about for years, you can see if he is in a relationship and also if he have suns… and all of this, only by opening your computer! With internet you can also search information about all the things you can imagine, entertainment, etc. You can listen to music and download it, you can see series that they are not on TV, watch films before they are on DVD, or buy clothes without moving off your sofa, is not it amazing?
But obviously and unfortunately internet, like everything, have it cons. Because, in anonymous chat, who tells you that the supposed boy of your age, is not an old person without good intentions? You can perfectly invent your personality and anybody would notice it. They can also put a virus in your computer, and make you lose all your documents, broke your computer, look your private documents, etc.
So finally, we can say that internet is a very good technology which have made a big improvement in our life, but you have to use it carefully becouse, if not, the consequences could be bad.

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Term 1 Test Results
Grammar: 55 / 69 (80%)
Reading: 16 / 18 (89%)
Writing: 4.5 / 5

These are excellent results Irene. Well done!

Dear Irene

Welcome to the Senior 5 course!

My name is Paul and I’m going to be your teacher. I’ve worked at this school for 5 years and I live in Sant Cugat with my wife and two children. I’m 37 years old and my hobbies include running, playing football and going camping with my family.

I love living in Spain and really enjoy travelling to places in Cataluña and France.

I hope you enjoy the course and learn a lot.

Please reply and tell me a few things about yourself.



Hi, Paul!
How are you? I hope perfect!
How I suppose you know, I'm Irene, a fourteen years old girl. I live in Sant Joan Despí, a small city near to Barcelona, in a flat, which is not too bad. However, in two years I will go to live to Barcelona, in a house at Sarria. Although last year I was in a Barcelona school called John Talabot, this year I'm coursing 3rd of ESO in IES Jaume Salvador Pedrol, a high school not far away from my home (15 minutes walking). I have a old brother who has 15 years old (16 in november) and a sweet little sister, who has only 5 years. I do athletics three times a week at UB (University of Barcelona), and I love it. It's one of the most important things in my live, it's only... perfect for me. I'm not bad but I'm neither a star. I'm, well... upper intermitted, to say this by some way... Last year I was forth of Catalonia, but I hope this year arrive farther away, and I thing if I train hard I would do it easily.

And hear you have a few things about me,
Hope you like my letter,



Music is very important to me, because it makes me pass easily the borring times, It makes me being more entretained and also if I've any problem which is worring me to much I can just put my headphones on, and forget everything.

A photo of me and many friends at the swiming pool: I've put this photo because I like summer and here we are at the swiming pool in a summer day, and also because here I'm with my friends and I love to be with them.

The 3rd is the athletics image I've sent you last week
I've tryed to put imatges but I don't know why, it doesn't let me. So I'm going to put what is the photo about and then why I've put it and I'm also going to bring it with a pen to the class, so if we go to the computers room I can try to put the images there. Sorry.