Technology essay

I’m going to talk about the internet. I’m going to explain us the most important good thinks, like communication, download and games that use internet and the most important bad thinks.

One of the best good thinks that internet have is the communication. Communication includes information, like sports news and more, and social networks, like facebook, twitter, or spotify.
The other good think that internet have is downloads. You can download free music, films, games and programmes.
There are some games, like call of duty, that use internet and you can play online with your friends.

Internet has some bad things. There are a lot of viruses that when you download thinks or enter in some websites that have virus they enter in you computer and delete information or make that your computer go slowly, there are anti virus but you have to pay for them.
There are a lot of hackers around the world. are people that knows a lot about internet and computers and they can stole you personal information or they can stole money from banks or other sites.

My opinion is that internet has some bad thinks and some

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Welcome to the Senior 5 course!

My name is Paul and I’m going to be your teacher. I’ve worked at this school for 5 years and I live in Sant Cugat with my wife and two children. I’m 37 years old and my hobbies include running, playing football and going camping with my family.

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Dear Paul

My name is Joan and I'm one of your new pupil. I’m fourteen, and now I’m studding the third course of ESO. I’m studding at Costa Llobera School, a school near Can Caralleu Polysport. I live with my parents and my sister in a flat, in Gràcia, a nice neighborhood in Barcelona.
My favorite subject at school is technology, because in this class I use the computer and we edit photos.
My favorites hobbies are play football, I play in a team called Europa, in the winter I like snowboarding and skiing and in the summer I do windsurf and surf.
In summer I usually go to a town called Altafulla, this town is near Tarragona and is very nice.
I travel, I travelled to a lot of countries like; Poland, Germany, Norway… every summer I travel to a different country with my family and some friends. Last summer I travel to Morocco, it was an interesting country. In Morocco, we visited the desert, it was very nice but we support high temperatures of almost 45 degrees. We find great people in Morocco, and we had a great summer.
In free time I like meet friends and go to the cinema, the last film a saw was “social networks”. I like too surf in the internet.