Term 1 Test ResultsGrammar: 25.5 / 69 (37%)Reading: 12 / 18 (67%)Writing: 3 / 5
Generally, your reading & writing results are good, but your marks for grammar are very disappointing Pau.

Dear Pau

Welcome to the Senior 5 course!

My name is Paul and I’m going to be your teacher. I’ve worked at this school for 5 years and I live in Sant Cugat with my wife and two children. I’m 37 years old and my hobbies include running, playing football and going camping with my family.

I love living in Spain and really enjoy travelling to places in Cataluña and France.

I hope you enjoy the course and learn a lot.

Please reply and tell me a few things about yourself.


Paul Dear Paul I'm one of your friday afeternoon student, I born in Barcelona the 20th of July of 1996, I lived in tuset street all my life, its a wanderfull street in Sant Gervasi district. Until I was two years old I go to Betania-Patmos school, now I'm doing third of ESO, I'm quite good at school but in some subjects my behaveour is not good and this is why they fail me :(. My hoobis are: ride my bike ( I'm the second of Cataluña), ski I go to Baqueira- Beret every weekend, and scooter. My father has a spcice, tea and saffron comercial and he sells them to food factories, my mother studied medicine and now she is the administrator of one group of residenses ( mutuam). I have to sisters, one older than me that is called Anna