Topics all of you are interested in:
Relationships, Travel, Music & Festivals, Money, Food & Drink, Technology & Computers, Film & TV

Topics most of you are interested in:
Clothes & Fashion (Blanca, Claudia, Marta, Elena, Irene, Òscar, Jordi, Guillem)
Sport (Blanca, Elena, Irene, Pau, Òscar, Joan, Pablo, Jordi, Guillem)

Topics some of you are interested in:
Lifestyle (Blanca, Elena, Irene, Òscar, Javier, Pablo, Jordi)
Famous People (Marta, Pau, Òscar, Javier, Joan, Guillem)
Books & Reading / Stories (Blanca, Claudia, Elena, Irene, Pau, Javier, Joan)
The news (Claudia, Pau, Òscar, Joan)

Least Popular Topics:
School, Work