Below you will find all the information from each class...

8th October
- We did some introductions (asking questions and getting to know each other)
- I gave you the course objectives
- We went to the computer room and you joined the class wiki
- You started to write a reply to my welcome letter (finishing this was your homework)
- You created a 'sticky' on the wallwisher wall

15th October
- We studied 'Question Forms' from pages 4 & 5 of the book 'English File Upper Intermediate'
- We did a speaking activity where you role-played being a famous person and answered questions about yourself.
- We went to the computer room and you found 3 pictures that represented your identity and wrote about why.
- We looked at a 'topic cloud' and you decided which topics you were interested in.

Look at the Course Objectives and identify what areas you're strong in and what areas you need to improve.

22nd October
-I showed you a short clip on YouTube of a pseudo-speed dating situation. You listened and summarised the problem
-We read a text about speed-dating on the IWB and discussed what it was
-You produced questions to ask at a speed-dating role-play
-You acted out speed-dating talking to each person in the room

28th October
First half of the lesson
- Halloween stories & work on pronunciation (looking at the phonemic chart and getting used to using it)

Second half of the lesson
-Based on the TwtPoll results, you divided into speaking & grammar groups.
SPEAKING GROUPS: started preparing presentations (one about England & one about Italy)
GRAMMAR GROUP: Looked at comparatives & Superlatives in the context of FCE Speaking parts 2 & 3


5th November
-We listened to a presentation of me talking about my life
-You had to retell my life
-We looked at the present perfect tenses during my presentation
- You did some exercises to help you understand use of present perfect simple & continuous


12th November
During the first half of the class we did the following things:
- You tried to re-create a text using sentences and expressions
- We looked at the original text and compared with your versions (it was a text about public art)
- You answered some questions about the text and we discussed public art
- I showed you a short clip from the film 'Exit Throught the Gift Shop' about grafitti artist 'Banksy'
- We looked at some graffitti images and decided if they were art. Then I showed you the 'giant rabbit'.
- we discussed the article about the 'rabbit' and whether the local council were right to destroy it.

During the second half of the class, you were able to choose what you did:
-One group finished your presentation about Italy and gave the presentation
-One group finished your presentation about England and gave the presentation
-One group began to create a dialogue between a journalist and the local council / café with the rabbit (to finish)

19th November
Narrative tenses part 1
- You went to the computer room to find 8 pictures.
- I asked you to explain why you'd chosen those pictures
- We focused on the language used in story-telling (narrative tenses, etc.) & did some simple exercises to help your understanding
- You started to write a story using your pictures