external image TheBattleofSurfaces_Rafa_Nadal_Won.jpgexternal image elmasnou.jpgexternal image llibres.gif
I choose the first picture because I like play tennis and I practice this sport two hours a week.
The second is the town where I spend all my holidays every year and where I some friends.
The last photo represent my second hobie, read a book.


external image salsa.jpgexternal image music.jpgexternal image torta-15-a.jpg
I've chosen these photo becouse I dance salsa, i like a lot; i go in an academy every week since last year.
I have chosen these other photo becouse i like a lot listen to music; it relax me and makes me happy.
I have chosen that photo becouse i am 15 years old, and i like make a party with friens every year when it's my birthday.


external image baloncesto.jpgexternal image guitarraAcustica.jpgexternal image bicicleta.jpg
i have choosen this photo because i like to play basketball (I have a team in my school)
i have choosen this photo because i like listen music and i like to play the guitar (but i'm really bad)
i choose this photo because i like ride bikes and go to excursions


external image basketball.pngexternal image 20081023_escudo%2520barcelona_1024_768.jpgexternal image philips-42pfl5603d-eco-tv.jpg
I chose this photo because I played basketball for five years and i really like it.
I chose this photo because it's my favourite football team and i warch all the match of barça.
i chose this photo because I spend a lot of time watching it.


external image DSC08428.jpg
Here there's a photo of me runing an important race. I have putten this photo because it expresse how important athletics is for me.


external image panasonic_viera_tc-p50x1_50-inch_plasma_hdtv1.jpgexternal image apple_23.jpgexternal image Coca_Cola_Cherry_Zero_Coke_cans.jpg
i've chosen this photo because i like wathing tv.
i've chosen this photo because i like apple products.
i like so much coca cola and i drink like 4 a day and i've chosen it for that.

external image poy06_robinson_600px.jpgexternal image david-guetta.jpgexternal image Lago_dIdro_sport_-_Snowboard.jpg
I tried this picture because I practise and play a lot of basketball in my life.
I choose this picture because he is David Guetta my favourite Dj and singer. I think music is very important for my life.
I chose this foto because sonwboarding is one of my favourites sports and I like it.

external image claqueta.jpgexternal image music.jpgexternal image 39192_1257319532057_1801691055_496889_8311943_n.jpg
I have chosen this image because I like to much the cinema and I love watching movies and eat popcorn.
I have chosen this image because I like listen music in my ipod or in the radio, and play the piano.
I have chosen this picture because I like go to the beach or the swimming pool, and I love stay with my friends.

external image barcelona-fc.jpgexternal image pelota.bmpexternal image call-of-duty-black-ops.jpg
I chose the picture beacuse im a fan of barcelona, and i love it.
I chose this picture beacuse my favourite hobbit is playing football and, beacuse spain won the eurocup with tha ball.
I chose that picture beacuse i love that game.